Private bus transport employees block the entrance to the City of Skopje and demand a meeting with Mayor Arsovska, they suspect they are the subject of political games


They want to exclude us from public transportation in order to conclude a contract with a private company and share fat commissions, the private bus transport drivers in Skopje said at Wednesday’s protest in front of the office of the Mayor Danela Arsoska. They are not driving for three days now, and as off today there are no buses even for the suburbs, so chaos reigns in Skopje.

“I am sure that the collapse of public transport will follow. We have unofficial information that it is a political game, first they want to eliminate us from public transport so that someone else can take it over, that is, a multinational company or a company from the region. What will happen then, I can’t even imagine,” said Kemal Murikj, head of the traffic and control department at “Sloboda Prevoz”, which has been a part of public transport for 32 years as a private bus transportation.

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