10-month-old baby falls victim to violence, the Gevgelija kindergarten director hides the case


A  10-month-old baby was a victim to brutal violence in a kindergarten in Gevgelija. Director Elizabeta Stefanovska, appointed by Minister Jovana Trenchovska, is silent and hiding the incident, MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Angelina Petkova pointed out at a press conference on Thursday.

“On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, a brutal incident took place in the kindergarten “Cvetovi” in Gevgelija, a 10-month-old baby ended up in the general hospital in Gevgelija with severe physical injuries and a head hematoma. The director of the kindergarten, Elizabeta Stefanovska, who was appointed by Jovana Trenchovska, tried to cover up the scandal, instead of taking sanctioning actions and reporting the case to the police station in Gevgelija. The baby’s parent reported the case to the police the day after. Elizabeta Stefanovska is the director of the “Cvetovi” kindergarten,“ says Petkova.

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