Talat Xhaferi’s son passed the bar exam before graduating, the SCPCdecides


The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) decided at Friday’s 75th session that a case cannot be opened for the case of BarletXhaferi, because the Ministry of Justice does not keep the documentation.

The SCPC determined that BarletXhaferi acquired the right to take the bar exam, even though he still hasn’t graduated from University, but it does not have the conditions to prove it.

“From the documentation we have, we can conclude that the candidate completed his studies with three hundred credits after passing the bar exam. The time required from the acquisition of three hundred credits to the opportunity to take the bar exam does not match, but we cannot confirm this, because the documents are not kept in the Ministry of Justice,”said the SCPC head BiljanaIvanovska.

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