Miteva: Cadastre facing bankruptcy, fees have increased up to 500 percent


In conditions of deep poverty, crises and inflation, SDSM introduced new, more expensive prices for the services of the Real Estate Cadastre Agency. With the new Tariff of the Cadastre, services for obtaining certain data are more expensive by 100, 200, and even by 500 percent, at the expense of surveying companies, notaries, lawyers and citizens who use cadastre services, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva pointed out at a press conference on Saturday.

If until now 750 denars were paid for obtaining the data required for the preparation of a geodetic report, with the increase the amount will be 1,552 denars, that is, by more than 100 percent, or

-if the right to register an apartment used to cost 300 denars, now it is 1200 denars, or

– if a title deed cost 180 denars, now it is 250 denars, etc.

In fact, the registration of an apartment has increased by over 300%, the registration of a plot of land has increased by 100%, the title deed has increased by 40%, and the increase of individual products goes up to 500%, elaborated the opposition’s spokesperson.

Miteva pointed out that such changes to the tariff were made without any consultation with the most affected parties.



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