Customs Administration: Seized 12 kg of ecstasy with an estimated value of EUR 200,000, which could have ended up in the country


Inspectors from the mobile teams of the Customs Administration seized 26 thousand ecstasy tablets with a total weight of about 12 kilograms, 84 grams of cocaine and 31 grams of marijuana, with an estimated value of 200 thousand euros, which were to be distributed in the country. Additional searches were conducted at several locations and a criminal complaint against three persons was submitted to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The narcotic drug was discovered on 25.11.2022 in the early morning hours at the entrance to the Tabanovce border crossing, after a customs control with a mobile scanner was carried out on a passenger vehicle with foreign license plates driven by a Macedonian national.

The Customs Administration – The Department for Control and Investigations today submitted a criminal complaint to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption against 3 persons for the crime of “Unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors” and a measure is proposed a 30-day detention.


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