Kovachevski deceived the citizens – he brought poverty, record inflation, crimes, failures and defeats


Kovachevski promised to support the economy and industry, and in one and a half years, 12 thousand companies were closed. But that’s why the company he founded not only received state aid, but also received lucrative businesses at the time he was in office, said VMRO-DPMNE on Sunday.

The opposition party points out that the Prime Minister also promised an increase in standards, and inflation has eaten up salaries and pensions.

According to VMRO-DPMNE, Kovachevski is most responsible for why Macedonia has one of the highest inflation rates in Europe at 20%, and among ten countries in the world with the highest food price inflation.

“He promised to deal with the energy crisis, and instead of own production, millions are spent every day on importing electricity or begging for energy. He promised high GDP growth, and Macedonia is among the last in Europe in terms of GDP growth, only the forecasts for Russia and Ukraine are worse. It promised a stable economy, and we got an enormous increase in debt that exceeds 8.5 billion euros. Only defeats, crime and failures are the result of this government. Their ineptitude is epic! Dimitar Kovachevski does not have a future with lies and deception! Get up Kovachevski so the people can see you! Stand up Kovachevski, muster courage and face your citizens,” reads the party’s press release.

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