Ristova: It’s easy to determine when Xhaferi’s son graduated and when he passed the bar exam


It is easy to find out whether the son of Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, Barlet Xhaferi, graduated or not before enrolling in the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors, according to university professor Mimoza Ristova.

“And what if there are no documents in the Ministry to see if the speaker’s son Xhaferi enrolled at the Academy for Judges and Prosecutors before he graduated!” Won’t you find the evidence?

  1. At the corresponding faculty/university in the book of graduates.
  2. In the Academy, in the records of applicants for the application competition, then enrolled. For this you need to keep a dozen relevant written traces.

And this is enough to prove the possible crime, and to demand responsibility for SERIOUS ABUSES”, wrote Professor Ristova.

Ristova reacted to the position of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC), according to which a case cannot be opened for the Barlet Xhaferi case, because, as the commission stated, the Ministry of Justice did not keep the documentation.

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