Will the joint historical commission members get anathema if they discuss whether MOC-OA is Bulgarian


Ecclesiastical matters must not be the subject of discussion of the mixed historical commission. The Ohrid Archdiocese has a clear and confirmed history of its creation, says the president of the commission for relations between religious communities Darijan Sotirovski, after the announcements that Vancho Georgiev and the members of the Macedonian part of the mixed historical commission with Bulgaria can start negotiations on whether the MOC-OA is Bulgarian.

Sotirovski said in a statement for Sitel TV that all issues related to the church must not be the topic of discussion of this mixed commission and told the Macedonian historians to be very careful and responsible if something like this is asked of them.

“The Ohrid archdiocese, both as a historical category and today as a Macedonian ecclesiastical reality in particular, is fully rounded, clean and clear, and I see no reason why problems should be created here,” Sotirovski told Sitel.

The church has its own rules and dogmas that the entire Orthodox world respects, and the state will be responsible if it does not reject the attempt to open any question about the church.

Bishop Petar stresses that the fact that the Ohrid archdiocese was never Bulgarian is recognized and written by the most renowned professors from Bulgaria on historical and church issues.


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