Council of the Municipality of Gevgelija demands dismissal of “Detskaradost” kindergarten director due to injuries of a 10-month-old baby


The Council of the Municipality of Gevgelija, at the session on 25.11.2022, made a decision with recommendations to the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the events of last week’s unfortunate event on a 10-month-old child in the kindergarten “DetskaRadost” in Gevgelija.

It was established that in the kindergarten “DetskaRadost” in Gevgelija, incidents are happening continuously, and no one has been held responsible for them so far. Also the report from the inspectorate at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP) is unacceptable in this form for the councilors.

For that reason, the Council, together with the Mayor, decided to send recommendations to the MLSP, in order to put an end to the chaos in this institution. A conclusion was sent to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy with the following recommendations: MTSP to dismiss the director of JOUDG “DetskaRadost”-Gevgelija from the position of director, due to unprofessional and negligent work. She tried to cover up the incident, instead of immediately suspending those responsible for the incident on 22.11.2022.

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