analysis: Top 10 tenders that weigh around EUR 172 million combined


Procurement of fuel oil, coal mining, procurement of diesel fuel, procurement of electricity – these are items from the 10 largest tenders that the institutions that are bound by law, have announced since the beginning of the year, and as of 11/19/2022. The total value of these 10 largest purchases is around 172 million euros, with the first 5 worth almost 128 million euros, the portal reported on Monday. Of the contracts for the first 5 largest tenders, the undisputed first place for a tender that belonged to a company is still held by the purchase of fuel oil made by Balkan Energy Group, which amounts to 39.2 million euros. A framework agreement was concluded for this amount on January 20, 2022. The contract was concluded with the company RKM for the purchase of 52,100,000 kilograms of fuel oil with a maximum sulfur content of 1%.

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