Arsovska created chaos, quarreled with trade unions, private us companies, paid late, forgot promises, accuses VMRO-DPMNE


Instead of solving the problems of the citizens, the Mayor of the City of Skopje Danela Arsovska creates new problems. Instead of being focused on implementing its program, she is focused on creating conflicts. In a short time, she created chaos in the city, VMRO-DPMNE said on Wednesday.

“Skopje is filthy like never before. Arskovska quarreled with the union of PE Water Supply and Sewage. She quarreled with the JSP union. She made late payments of salaries in PE Parks and Greenery. She made late payments of salaries in the Lajka animal shelter. She quarreled with the private bus companies. Chaos reigns in the schools under the City of Skopje. She forces the firefighters to be guards,” reads the opposition party’s reaction.

Доколку преземете содржина од оваа страница, во целост сте се согласиле со нејзините Услови за користење.


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