Mayor of Gradsko dismisses school principal, urges accountability of others for the violence against a student


The Mayor of the municipality of Gradsko Kiro Nackov dismissed the principal of the
municipal primary school "Dame Gruev" where the violence was committed against a
Nackov published this information on Facebook and further appeals to all concerned
institutions to take responsibility. According to him, although it has been reported to
the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Center for Social Affairs, there is still no
reaction regarding this case.
“Within the framework of my competences, I immediately announce that I am
dismissing the principal of the "Dame Gruev" elementary school. Immediately
afterwards, I would like to appeal to the Ministry of Interior, the Center for Social
Affairs, the State Inspectorate for Education and all competent authorities to
investigate the case in detail and where help should be provided, and where

responsibility should be borne. I appeal once again that the future of our students
and children is the most important and we must all have a high level of awareness.
This must not happen again,” said Nackov in a press release.

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