New bomb threats in Skopje elementary schools, students evacuated, police claim were false


False bomb threats were sent to the e-mails of three Skopje elementary schools
Friday morning.

The Ministry of Interior announced that all the necessary checks were made in
connection with today's reports from schools in Skopje that received a message to
their email address with a threat of an explosive device, and it was determined that
these were false reports.

“On Friday December 2, 2022 around 7:30 a.m., the Skopje PD received a report of
a threat of an explosive device that was sent to the electronic addresses of three
elementary schools in Skopje. Immediately after receiving the report, measures were
taken by police officers to safely evacuate the schools, and then detailed checks
were carried out by teams for anti-terrorist checks and it was determined that these
were false reports, the Ministry of Interior informed.

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