Dimitrievski: I’m disappointed with Zaev, I don’t run away from responsibility for supporting him


They say that Mayor of Kumanovo Municipality Maksim Dimitrievski is currently the most popular politician in Macedonia. In the interview with news website Republika.mk, he stresses that such an impression on him is a great compliment that he must justify in the future.

Mayor Dimitrievski hopes that the new movement “For our citizens” will experience success because the citizens recognize it.

“The goal of the movement is to get out of the black-and-white world. The political subjects change, either the left is in power or the right, and nothing changes, it only gets worse. We aim to challenge the citizens and give them the opportunity to directly participate in a civil movement that will be directed by the citizens to the citizens and generate some serious policies that will bring a better tomorrow, an increase in GDP, the creation of a self-sustaining state, sufficient production of food to feed ourselves, enough energy and developing the economy. Without an economy, there is no stable and strong state. It will be necessary to outline the national red lines of the state, and thus unite the Macedonian bloc and sign a strategic document without stepping on our national identity,” added Dimitrievski.


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