Spasovski: It’s difficult to provide evidence for bomb threats


The Ministry of Interior filed a criminal complaint on Monday regarding several bomb threats in Skopje schools. Checks have been made in the schools, there is one more left, where the checks are nearing the end, said the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski in response to a media question after the criminal complaint filed against a minor who sent one of the false reports concerning bombs planted in the schools.
“It is not about the fact that there is an explosive device, but the same anxiety that we shared about Skopje is certainly about there as well,” said Spasovski, after reports of bombs planted in schools in Kavadarci on Monday.
The minister explained that according to initial knowledge it is a domain registered in the United States of America, and as he says, this shows the seriousness in terms of hybrid attacks.
“I said that it is difficult to secure all the evidence, because this is a national crime. After receiving any information, the competent services were immediately contacted in order to provide evidence and to be able to stop this process,” Spasovski added.

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