The case of passing the bar exam without a university degree cannot expire, there must be responsibility


The head of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption again became interested in the crime when taking the bar exam and enrolling in the Academy of Judges, although she previously said that the case is seven years old and out of date. Such a case cannot become obsolete and cannot pass only by canceling a bar exam! There is no responsibility for illegal operation? And not only to the candidate, but also to those who allowed this to happen, says Professor Vesna Janevska.

Janevska, professor of Medicine at the Skopje University, says in a press release that she informed the head of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption that according to the Law on Archives (Article 19 and Article 21) there are two types of archive documents: permanent and temporary.

“At the faculty where Barlet Xhaferi graduated, there is a Register (main book) of enrolled and graduated students with dates. There is a similar book for everyone who has passed the bar exam and a similar book for everyone who has enrolled and graduated from the Academy of Judges. All these books are PERMANENT archival material and are on the list for archival material, with archival numbers, which the institutions submitted to the Archives of the Republic of Macedonia, which approves this list as well as the list for documentary material,” says Janevska.


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