Citizens fail to notice price reduction


After a subsidized price of electricity of 80 euros per megawatt hour for companies from the food industry, certain bakeries and dairies have already reduced the price of bread and milk. The government expects other bakeries, the dairy and meat industries to do so in the future. After hundreds of controls throughout Macedonia, it has been established that there are already lower prices.

But the citizens react that there is no significant decrease in price on the shelves in the supermarkets. Milk is about 80 denars per liter, flour from 40 to 50 denars, 10 eggs cost 100 denars, and a liter of oil, depending on the producer, costs about 115 denars, reports news outlet Vecher.

According to the latest statistical calculations, November inflation reached 19.5 percent. Bread, milk, cheese and eggs are about 40% more expensive than last year. Meat and oil have a price increase of over 30 percent.


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