Let them see that we are for Macedonia in Europe, but with our heads held high, says Kumanovo mayor


The mayor of Kumanovo and the creator of the civic initiative “For our Kumanovo” Maksim Dimitrievski spoke on the occasion of six months since the establishment of the association and one year of a real civic concept.
“We are as many as we are, we are many and we will win again. Let them see that we are for Macedonia in Europe, but with a clean face, head held high, honest, proud, dignified. That’s how we are from our Kumanovo. We differ by faith, by nation, by political conviction, but all Kumanovo citizens, together for our city and for our Macedonia”, said the Kumanovo mayor.
“And that’s why we are here, to further encourage people and create a new movement that will start from Kumanovo through Prilep, from Prilep to Krushevo, from Krushevo to Tetovo, from Tetovo it will spread throughout Macedonia,” Dimitrievski added.

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