The highest officials in the judiciary in Macedonia are chosen from party albums, says Lefkov


The judiciary and the prosecutor’s office in Macedonia are in ruins, or in the vocabulary of Zoran Zaev, they are open like a bud. The latest examples with the judicial and prosecutorial situations show that Kovacevski continues where Zaev left off. Clientelism and corruption in the judiciary are escalating and therefore distrust in these institutions is 92%.Instead of a fight against crime, we see a fight over which institution will protect and patronize crime, said MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC Mile Lefkov at a press conference on Sunday.
“In Macedonia, the highest officials in the judiciary are selected from party albums. Such is the case with the Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution of organized crime, such is the case with the Judicial Council. This very last institution, which is supposed to select, evaluate and dismiss judges, is led by a staff who went from being a trainee in the court, without a day’s experience as a judge, to a high position just because of photos with Zaev,” added Lefkov

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