Opposition demands Kovachevski and Zechevikj to give specific answers for Zharko Miloshevski’s role on April 27, 2017


Dimitar Kovachevski and Mile Zechevikj still do not give specific answers about the appointment of Zharko Miloshevski as the successor of Viktor Dimovski at National Security Agency (ANB). Miloshevski is no unknown in the security services, nor is it new, so Kovachevski and Zechevikj owe a series of answers for his appointment, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.
“Kovachevski and Zechevikj should also answer on Zharko Miloshevski’s role in the events on April 27, 2017?”
Is Zharko Miloshevski still the head of the unit for extremism at UBK? Was he among the closest collaborators at the top of UBK even then?
Most of the UBK, including the director of the UBK, went through accusations and trials, but not Zharko Miloshevski, head of extremism, in cases of alleged terrorism?,” the opposition spokesperson.

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