Mickoski: Kovachevski is not the factor that decides in the government, DUI, Ali Ahmeti and the money from tenders that are distributed are factors


During Thursday’s visit to the municipality of Aerodrom, VMRO-DPMNE leader  Hristijan Mickoski, asked regarding whether there will be snap elections while Kovachevski says that there will be no government reshuffle and that parliamentary elections will take place in 2024, stressing that Kovachevski is not the man who decides, but that DUI, Ali Ahmeti are the factor in the government and the money from the tenders that are distributed, and the best term for early elections is in next spring.

“Snap parliamentary elections should take place as soon as possible. If you ask me about specific dates now I would not talk about specific dates but I think this spring is a great time when the early parliamentary elections could take place. Because the longer this government of DUI and SDSM remains, the more Macedonia will lose and there will be fewer of us in Macedonia, and literally everyone wants to harm Macedonia and the Macedonian people, all, literally all parties in Macedonia are organized first through VMRO-DPMNE to do harm to the Macedonian people and then to Macedonia. That’s why those snap parliamentary elections must take place as soon as possible so that Macedonia stops losing and the exodus of Macedonians from Macedonia stops,” stressed Mickoski.

Regarding whether it is possible to hold snap parliamentary elections next spring because Kovachevski says that the elections would be regular, Mickoski stressed that Kovachevski was not the person who makes those decisions.

“I heard Kovachevski speak yesterday, Kovachevski is not the person who decides, there are two factors that decide – DUI decides and Ali Ahmeti is also aware that he will never be in a better position than this now, DUI and Ali Ahmeti are the most fortunate in this position. The second factor is the money that is distributed from tenders in private, there is no strategy, there is no political wisdom, there is no vision, the factor there is DUI and the money that is distributed, but luckily we are working on defactoring these two factors, one is DUI and Ali Ahmeti, and the other is the money that is being stolen, because the upcoming VMRO-DPMNE government has a serious intention to deal with the criminals in politics, and there are many of them in this government,” Mickoski said.


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