There will be no justice until we see judges and prosecutors in prison, Pendarovski says  


Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski said that there will be no justice as long as the judges and prosecutors who make scandalous decisions with corrupt motives are free, in the regular annual address to the MPs in the Parliament. He recalled the thesis that there was no justice if there were no current politicians in prison, but that the same should also apply to people from the judiciary, who he said were making deals with characters that the entire public knows have enriched themselves with the taxpayers’ money.

“The country will either put criminals in closed-type prisons or some of them will continue to use money stolen from the people to build an image of honest and virtuous citizens and ridicule everyone from a safe distance.”There should not only be arrests for the public, but long prison sentences and the return of stolen property. But at the same time, to respect the presumption of innocence, let’s not condemn people in public before they have been convicted by a competent court. But all our efforts will fall into the water if the judicial authorities settle with characters whom the whole public knows have secured their unborn children and grandchildren with taxpayers’ money. There is no justice if there are no current politicians in prison for corruption, but there will be no justice as long as the judges and prosecutors that make scandalous decisions that are probably behind corrupt motives walk free,” said President Pendarovski.

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