Radovish mayor announces ZELS debate for the removal of the current president Danela Arsovska


The passive attitude and non-functioning of ZELS are the reason why the mayors are increasingly losing confidence in the organization. At the next session of the management board, it is inevitable to discuss whether there will be a change of the current president Danela Arsovska or solutions for how to restore trust again, according to the Mayor of Radovish, Aco Ristov, who is a member of the ZELS Management Board.

According to Mayor Ristov, such reactions are justified after it turned out that the past year was disastrous for the municipalities.

“Most likely, after the New Year holidays at the next session, we will have to open all these issues, to make a retrospective of the last year. Let’s see the results, let’s see what we have set as goals and what we have achieved. And based on that, we need to make an appropriate decision, whether we will change something in the management or in the approach in which ZELS will act further”, said Radovish Mayor Ristov.



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