Macedonia ranked among the least innovative countries in Europe


The European innovation index placed N. Macedonia near the bottom of its list, according to the ranking of the European statistical institutions in terms of the most innovative countries in Europe.

Macedonia scored 45.6 points, and is sixth from the bottom, above only the war torn Ukraine, which is last, and countries like Albania and Bosnia. Switzerland scored best with 142.4 points.

The country has an Innovation Fund, that is supposed to give grants to businesses and individuals who come up with or introduce advanced technological solutions. But in reality, it is used as a slush fund for politically connected businessmen and journalists.

This is certainly a devastating data for Macedonia, because in the past years, through the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, the state provides huge budget support for companies that create innovative solutions. However, the allocation of money to so-called innovative companies is constantly followed by scandals and accusations that companies close to the government are financed, which do not offer innovations in their projects, or apply for innovations that are copied by foreign companies.



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