Ministry of Education and Science: The errors in the fifth grade textbook will be corrected


In relation to certain remarks conveyed by the media on Tuesday about the Albanian language textbook for the 5th grade, the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science(MES) once again informs the public that the textbook approval process is led by the National Commission for Textbooks and in no case by any aspect is not influenced by the management structures of the ministry, nor by any political actors.

“Article 14 in the legal solution decisively regulates in case, if it is ascertained that certain corrections or additions are needed in an approved textbook, and these do not represent more than 30% of the content of the textbook, the Pedagogical Service should submit a request to the publisher, i.e. the author, to propose a correction or addition to the text of the textbook within 30 days from the day of receiving the request,” the MES said.

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