Mickoski: It depends on them whether the end will be safe or hell


This ruling coalition is completely corrupt, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in a New Year’s interview with Vecher.mk.

“SDSM is completely subject to DUI. If SDSM does not find the strength for elections, the party will fragment, their voters will flow to other political entities,” Mickoski said.

Mickoski says that in order to stop the political persecution of journalists and the media, we need a systemic solution and we need different people who are not afraid to hear different opinions.

Just one less tender for excavation in REC Bitola, here’s the money for the students, says Mickoski and adds that this Government is not a partner of the EU, they are an excellent partner for eurosceptics.

The opposition leader says that his struggle is to write a history that will mean – champions, to stop the destruction of Macedonia and the exodus of the population.


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