H.Macedonia’s OSCE chairmanship will cost EUR 5 million, EUR 100,000 will be spent on PR alone


The OSCE chairmanship of will cost the country 5 million euros. The Government approved this money and provided it in the budget, although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested 8 million euros. According to the last tender, 100,000 euros will be spent only on PR activities for the chairmanship.

The Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs BujarOsamni informed at a press briefing on Wednesday that for the activities related to the holding of the annual OSCE Ministerial Council, the “Boris Trajkovski” hall should be adapted and extended, as well as 70 vehicles should be provided to transport the ministers of that gathering, which actually requires most of the funds.

Osmanisaid that costs will be kept to a minimum, and the vehicles will be provided via sponsors.

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