VMRO-DPMNE: Citizens continue to breathe polluted air, SDSM did not invest a single euro for cleaner air out of the EUR 20 billion spent


Once again, the people are breathing polluted air, SDSM did not invest a single euro
out of 20 billion euros of public money spent for cleaner air, the opposition VMRO-
DPMNE said in a press release on Saturday.
"SDS has been the central government for seven years, and for that entire period it
has not made a single investment that would reduce air pollution. The irresponsibility
is reflected in their coalition with Danela Arsovska in the city of Skopje, where they
have their own director at the head of JSP, and in the middle of winter there are not
enough buses, the company owes to private carriers and there is no solution for

anything. Kovachevski and Arsovska make deals on tenders, but they cannot agree
on allocating funds to reduce air pollution. Kovachevski, instead of arranging the
councilors from his party to hold press conferences, should tell them that he
cooperates with Arsovska and that they have a director of their staff in JSP, who
procured oil without providing the usual rebate," VMRO-DPMNE pointed out.

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