Vevchani pulsates with tradition – all is ready for the Vevchani Carnival, grab your passports


In the spirit of the 15th century tradition, Vevchani pulses with the sign of the carnival. Inspired by the daily events in the country and abroad, but also by the political situation of the past 12 months, the people of Vevchani are preparing their masks in anticipation of, for them, the most exciting moment, the parade under masks. And as it is well known, the hospitable and kind inhabitants of Vevchani will tell everything, but until the last moment, until the parade under masks, they do not reveal what their disguises will be this year.

The parade of creative basilisks traditionally starts tomorrow, around 2 pm from the entrance of the village, moving towards the center of Vevchani, where they spin the basilisk dance. They are led by the son-in-law, the bride, Augustus the Fool and the devils, all with their own symbolism.


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