Basic products prices have been reduced by up to 10 percent, Kovachevski says


Prices of basic food items have been reduced by up to 10 percent and this can be seen everywhere. In the case of meat products, there is a decrease of five to 12 percent, and if you look at the monthly rates of inflation, you can see that it has been decreasing for two months in a row. This means that the measures taken by the Government have yielded results, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said on Friday in response to a media question.
Kovachevski pointed out that the Government’s measures are brought in coordination with the chambers of commerce and representatives of all sectors within the chambers of commerce, i.e., basic food products producers.
They get a subsidized price of electricity of EUR 80 per MWH, which is several times lower than the electricity they purchased on the market before, according to PM Kovachevski.

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