Court orders detention for Idrizovo commander and two police officers that accompanied fugitive Memeti


Detention has also been ordered for the two police officers who transported Memeti from the Idrizovo prison to the Clinical Center in Skopje. The third officer is in intensive care and is recovering from a gunshot wound after being hit by the inmate while escaping from the squad van.

There is currently no information about the fourth police officer. This morning the two police officers were taken to the prison in Shutka. After the interrogation in the Criminal Court, it was determined that the commander and the policemen could escape, and since there are indications that they helped convict Bekim Memeti to escape, because a number of procedural lapses were made in the execution of the prisoner.

In the meantime, the police have issued an international warrant for convict Bekim Memeti, 36 years old from Tetovo, and are looking for the as yet unknown persons who were in the gray Audi with which they first blocked the way of the prison van and then evacuated the fugitive.

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