Kovachki: Ahmeti is wrong when he thinks that DUI and Levica decide on the government, the power is taken and given only by the people


Facebook post by Dragan Kovachki, MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee:

:Ali Ahmeti said yesterday that VMRO-DPMNE should not dream of creating a majority with the Left. But Ahmeti should know three things:

The new government is not decided by Ahmeti, but by the people in elections. Power is given and taken only by the people in elections, that’s why they are so afraid and run away from facing the people.

The rule of coalition of a winner with a winner does not apply and is not written down anywhere, so the fear of DUI from partner crimes with SDS is therefore growing.

It is good that the spotters and aces in politics reveal themselves with such statements, but VMRO will bring down this government together with the people.”

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