Nine months of maternity leave for mothers plus four months for fathers


 There are no changes in the maternity leave of the mother. Maternity leave lasts for 5 months, and parental leave for four months for each parent individually, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy explained on Sunday, after information spread on social media that maternity leave is being reduced.

“Although at first glance it seems that the period of maternity leave is reduced, it is not so, because the mother has 5 months of maternity leave and 4 months of parental leave, so she stays with the child the same as before, 9 months. But in addition, there are also 4 months of parental leave for the father, which if used by the father after the expiration of the maternal and parental leave of the mother, mean that the child, instead of the previous 9 months, will be able to be under parental care in total 13 months,” said the Ministry of Labor.

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