SDS and DUI party staff directly involved in Memeti’s escape, there must be political accountability, says opposition


SDS and DUI turned Macedonia into the Wild West. A prisoner escaped from them, shot and wounded a police officer, and Kovachevski and Spasovskiare hiding from the people, said VMRO-DPMNE on Wednesday.

“There have been no answers from SDS and DUI for days now, what is the role of the party henchmen in BekimMemeti’s escape? There is no answer, what is the involvement of LjupchoKuzmanovski in the entire film scenario, who should serve a 20-year sentence? Is Kuzmanovski the security advisor of the Idrizovo penitentiary and the director ShpendTahiri, and as an advisor is he directly responsible for the security of the prison and the implementation of prisoners,” the opposition party pointed out.

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