Petrushevski: Mitovski should resign after the violence, he uses his power to assault people and pressure them not to report it to the police


SDS and the institutions under their control with unprecedented ease are trying to cover up the scandal in which their official, the Mayor of Kriva Palanka Sashko Mitovski, is a direct perpetrator, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Brane Petrushevski  on Thursday.

“The person that was elected to work in the interest of the citizens, beats and attacks people on the street in an intoxicated state?! This man is not worthy to hold the position of mayor. This man needs to RESIGN! This is not just ordinary violence, this is violence done by a man who uses the power given to him by his position to terrorize citizens, and then threaten them not to report the event,” said the opposition MP in the post.

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