Kraken covid strain not yet confirmed in Macedonia, but it is probably present, says Commission for Infectious Diseases


The head of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, Dr. Aleksandar Petlichkovski, said that the subvariant of COVID-19 – Kraken – has not yet been officially registered in the country, but it is very likely that it is present, and the results of the sequencing of a dozen samples are expected on Friday.

“A new round of sequencing of several dozen samples is currently underway. We expect to have results from that sequencing tomorrow. It is not excluded that the Kraken variant will appear among some of the samples. It is good that all the data we have so far indicates that it is again a variant that causes mild symptoms and we do not expect its spread to drastically burden the health system,” said Dr. Petlichkovski in an interview with Sitel TV.


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