Osmani in Sofia: Anyone who denies the Macedonian people will have their last visit to Macedonia


The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and North Macedonia, Nikolay Milkov and Bujar Osmani, visited the assaulted secretary of the Bulgarian cultural club in Ohrid, Hristijan Pendikov, at the Military Medical Academy.

“We must stop this cycle of violence and provocations from both sides and impose our positive agenda that the two governments are painstakingly trying to build,” said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani during his visit to Sofia. Osmani said that the institutions in North Macedonia will clear up the incident, and the Bulgarian community will be respected and will have all the rights, freedoms and privileges like any other citizen and other communities living in the country.

“We will not allow the denial of the Bulgarian community, just as we will not allow the denial of the Macedonian people. To anyone coming to the RNM to deny the Macedonian people, we will have to seriously address and that should be the last coming to the RNM,” said Minister Osmani.

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