“Titanic 2”: Sasho Mijalkov and Menduh Thaci each get two years in prison


Judges Ognen Stavrev and Osman Shabani re-tried the “Titanic 2” case, which refers to electoral irregularities committed in the 2013 elections. The court appreciated all the mitigating and aggravating circumstances and declared all the suspects guilty.

At the retrial, the former UBK head Sasho Mijalkovwas sentenced to two years in prison. DPA leader Menduh Thaci also received a two-year prison sentence.

Of the ex-members of the SEC, who received requalification and are now being prosecuted for violation of the right to vote, BedredinIbraimi was sentenced to two years in prison, as were Vlatko Sajkovski, Sasho Srcev and Anita Stefanovska who were sentenced to prison from two years.

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