MOF: Macedonia is losing the battle for quality education – urgent reforms are needed!

Stack of Books

Position of the Youth Education Forum (MOF) on the occasion of the International Day of Education:
“Macedonia is losing the battle for quality education – urgent reforms are needed!
The Macedonian education system is dysfunctional. For years, the authorities – past and present – constantly assure us that education is the future and that education is the key recipe for a country’s success. However, it is unfortunately only declarative, and the recipe is clearly unsuccessful.
The second semester in 2023 students from public schools started the same as the beginning of the school year in September – with a lack of textbooks. If a country cannot deliver the simplest / most basic of an educational process – to order and print textbooks in a timely manner, then how can we expect to ever come even close to the rest of the developed education systems? The lack of textbooks is not the only problem of the Macedonian education system. We are aware that even years ago, almost all international and national researches and analyzes indicate that the Macedonian education system is in free fall and no one is taking anything to fundamentally change it. Unfortunately, the authorities in our country have fully accepted that fact.”

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