IT sector workers have the highest average of MKD 84,019, the average net salary in November is MKD 33,011


The State Statistics Office (SSO) announced on Tuesday that the average monthly net salary paid per employee, in November 2022, is MKD 33,011.
According to data from the SSO, the highest average net salary in this period was paid in the sector of computer programming, consulting and related activities and it amounts to MKD 84,019, followed by Air Transport MKD 63,289, then Other professional, scientific and technical activities MKD 53,843. Production of basic pharmaceutical products and preparations MKD 53,353 and financial and service activities, except insurance and pension funds MKD 49,787.
The lowest average net salary was paid in November in the leather industry of MKD 21,764. In the textile industry for clothing production, the average net salary is MKD 22,821, and in the wood industry MKD 23,329.

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