Aggeler: There is not just one, but several US black lists


In the coming months and years, the United States will announce the names that will emerge from the investigations of American officials related to corruption in the country. The US ambassador Angela Aggeler says that there is no deadline, but she hopes that this process will be continuous. Persons on the lists will be sanctioned in several ways depending on the proceedings.

“There’s an ongoing dialogue between the U.S. Embassy, ​​my team here with me and officials in Washington, whether it’s the Treasury Department, whether it’s the State Department, whether it’s the Office of the Visa Sanctions Council, economic sanctions, whether it’s National Security Council. This is an ongoing process that considers the appropriate sanctions for certain individuals depending on the laws and regulations they have violated that would cause the United States to no longer want them to enter the United States or to have them financially sanctioned,” US Ambassador Aggeler said.

“I think it’s clear to all of us that there are issues in the justice system. Our list of sanctions is not limited to one sector. There are also sanctions for business people who are found to have regularly engaged in corrupt activities in their companies and businesses. So it’s not just limited to elected officials, but also in the judiciary, the rule of law sector and business,” Aggeler added.

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