Osmani: We must put an end to the provocations, we have not received official confirmation of Angelov’s withdrawal


The Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani expressed on Thursday his regret from the parliamentary rostrum for the latest activities by the official Sofia. The minister stressed the need for de-escalation of relations and appealed to proceed calmly and cautiously.

“We must put an end to such provocations, but always keep in mind that these are groups interested in hijacking relationships for many other reasons, including third parties. Both we and the Bulgarian government must not succumb to the provocations and intentions of provocateurs and kidnappers who want to hijack our European future or worsen the image we have built as a country, said Osmani,” asked at today’s parliamentary session.

In a statement on Radio Free Europe, the head of Macedonian diplomacy informed that the Macedonian MFA has not received official confirmation whether the withdrawal of the Bulgarian ambassador is due to the beating of the secretary of the Bulgarian club in Ohrid.

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