VIDEO| Limani: These are the palaces owned by Ali Ahmeti


The vice-president of the Macedonian Albanian party BESA Movement, Fatmir Limani, came up with new accusations against the leader of ruling party DUI, Ali Ahmeti, about his wealth and properties.


The headquarters in Tetovo (near the Palace of Culture) was bought with whose money and in whose name?!

– The headquarters in Skopje (in Chair) was bought with whose money and in whose name?!

-The villa in Lalez Bay was bought with whose money and in whose name?!

-The hydropower plants on the Bachishti river are in the name and ownership of which person?!

– When and for how much were the plots bought?!

– With what money were the plots of land around Ali’s Palace bought?!

– The compensation of the Swiss court, for the misused pension from Ali Beg, from which funds are the funds returned?!

– 4,000,000 euros from the “National Freedom” Fund that remained after the war, where did they go, who takes them?!

*P.S. Dare and share so that everyone can see you, make sacrifices so that your child will be close to you tomorrow, on the day you give your soul, to give you a glass of water…

To be continued”, Limani wrote on social media.

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