No constitutional amendments under these conditions, the EU must guarantee that Bulgaria will not block whenever it wants, says opposition MP


We have a partner in the citizens, they say what they think in the polls. The elections will come and in the elections they will say what they think. VMRO-DPMNE does not have any problem in its coalition, SDSM also has a problem, we have seen that, and DUI also has a problem. Our attempt to collect 61 for this government to leave is because the citizens demand it, and it is our duty and obligation as the opposition, if it fails, the elections are coming in which VMRO-DPMNE will have a convincing victory, pointed out Stefan Andonovski from the ranks of opposition party VMRO- DPMNE.

Regarding constitutional amendments, Andonovski stressed that in the current situation and parliamentary composition there will be no constitutional amendments, VMRO-DPMNE does not support constitutional amendments under such conditions.

“In conditions where you have no guarantees for your identity, language, when you have high state representatives, the highest say that the Macedonian identity does not exist, that Macedonia does not exist as an entity, that the Macedonian language is Bulgarian, and the Macedonians have existed since 1945, then what is the guarantee? that if the Bulgarians are included in the Constitution, if the next day these same representatives decide to block us. First, guarantees for the Macedonian identity from the EU, that way they should be guarantees that will not hinder our European path,” Andonovski said.



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