War veteran: Ahmeti and DUI did not win in 2001!


We fought wherever we were ordered to fight, we won wherever we were ordered to fight, we defended our homeland Macedonia and did not allow even an inch of Macedonian land to be seceded – repeated Stojance Angelov, a veteran of the 2001 war, to the statements of the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti given at a party gathering in Shipkovica, where among other things he said that he advised the Ukrainians to persevere in the war and they will win, as he and the KLA won the war in Macedonia in 2001.
You will win this war. Be strong and never give up, that’s how we won, because we never gave up!” Ahmeti said at a meeting with a Ukrainian delegation.
“Such a statement by Ahmeti is incorrect, I would even call it impolitic and rude, because comparing Russia’s attack on Ukraine with the defense of Macedonia in 2001 is incorrect because these are two completely different military conflicts.
In 2001, the Republic of Macedonia and its armed forces were attacked by the KLA.

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