Cooling relations, but hot developments – the EU calls for calming the tensions between Skopje and Sofia


After the cooling relations between Skopje and Sofia after the incident in Ohrid, the statements of the MEP Angel Dzhambazki and the withdrawal of the Bulgarian ambassador from the country, the EU appeals to calm the tensions and for the two governments to continue communicating with a “cool head” and with the implementation of the Agreement on good neighborliness.
In relation to the statements of the Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki, with which he expressed territorial claims towards the country, the European Ambassador David Geer also reacted on Thursday, who condemned such attitudes and considered them unacceptable. Geer recalled that both the European Parliament and the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs distanced themselves from these statements and underlined that such claims do not and cannot represent the EU.
Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said Thursday that “in relation to the events that occupy the public after the event in Ohrid and the rhetoric caused by it”, one can say that in North Macedonia there is no anti-Bulgarian hatred and hysteria as some want to present it.

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