The convicted for the April 27 events are in prison, the real criminals are walking around and taking pictures with government officials, there must be an end to selective justice


VMR0-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov during an interview with Radio Kanal 77, stressed that Macedonia is the only country in Europe where there are political prisoners, that is, as he said, the whole way of conducting the procedure for those convicted of 27 million is problematic. April, qualifying the act as a terrorist threat to the constitutional order, emphasizing that people close to the government, instead of in prisons, are pictured in offices and with high government officials.

“The entire Macedonian public knows that if you are close to the structures of the government in Macedonia, you do not lie in prison, you see that every day there are escapes from prisons, and people who should be in prisons take pictures with officials,” Lefkov pointed out.

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