“Zdrava Kotlina”: DUI bought 25 percent of Euromax Resources, the concessionaire of the “Ilovica” mine


Today we can officially confirm with a proof on paper that what we talked about and what we warned about happened. Namely Tetovo Ecolog started to buy Euromax Resources, said the civic association “Zdrava Kotlina”.

Through the Dutch holding company NDX BV, shares of Euromax Resources worth 3 million US dollars were purchased and additional financing of 10 million Canadian dollars was agreed to acquire up to a total of 25% of Euromax Resources on the condition that within the next 2 years Euromax receives permission for the environmental study , to merge the concessions and finally get a permit for exploitation. The authorized signatory of the agreement related to the transaction is Ali Vezvaei, who at the same time is the vice-president of the board of directors of Ekolog International Group and the president of the board of directors of the GO Mobile automobile company.


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