Authorities should investigate the allegations that foreign agencies are involved in the provocations towards Macedonia and the financing of the Bulgarian clubs


We have a completely disoriented government right now. A government that has not responded adequately to any single provocation from Bulgaria, a government that is silent and a government that succumbs to all pressures. Those unconvincing statements that they perceived the situation and knew that this was the result of some foreign structures and services are not enough. If so, then let them say who those foreign structures and services are and what they are doing to sanction it. Why wait until February 4th to see if and who will be declared persona non grata and why wait until February 4th in order not to put an end to this negative attitude and negative statements from Bulgaria. Finally, all the mechanisms are with this government and they are the ones who can act, said the vice-president of opposition party VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski on Sunday.


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