Police detain people for drug and firearm possession, other violations also found during hospitality facilities raid


The Ministry of Interior announced that on January 29, 2023, in the period between 00:00 and 04:00, police officers from the Department of Uniformed Police from all departments of internal affairs, in coordination with representatives of the State Market Inspectorate, DPI, State Labor Inspectorate, DIT and The Administration for Public Revenues conducted an action control in hospitality facilities at 272 locations. The raid included 18 casinos under Skopje PD and Kumanovo PD’s jurisdiction.

On the territory of Skopje, more precisely in the area of ​​Chair, one violation was established under Article 80 of the Law on Weapons, where a knife was found and taken from B.I. (31) from Kosovo, and in Kisela Voda, O was arrested. .O. (32) from the Republic of Turkey due to undeclared stay in the country.

In a hospitality facility in Veles, a person was arrested  due to the presence of minors in the facility, as well as a person who was carrying a weapon and did not own a license, or a work contract.

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